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Ingen Software is an ISO 9001-2008 Certified Company Innovating in the Development of Automation Software Solutions for the Healthcare Industry since 2005.

Our automated Healthcare Software solutions cater to entire segment of Healthcare Industry ranging from Hospitals, Pathology labs, Diagnostic centers, Clinics / OPDs and Pharmacies.

Medi+Gen Key Features:-

  • User friendly, Secure, Reliable and Seamlessly Integrated Windows based Software. Very simple to use.
  • Both Offline, On-Line Modules Available
  • Medi+GEN has integrated OPD Billing & Clinical Management modules. Medi+GEN comes ready with Integrated Billing, Appointments, Diagnostic, Pharmacy and Lab Investigations modules.
  • Automation of the process of collecting and retrieving patient information By unique Number REG. No
  • Medi+GEN defines each user's level of access to the system from viewing reports, to modification of data, issuing Invoices etc
  • Automatic back-up of the database on local machines and our dedicated online servers
  • Lets you Import data from your existing software so that you dont loose any of your patients information.
  • Numerous short cut keys for quick operations. Helps to handle clients in rush hours.
  • Dedicated Online (Internet based chat/Email/Remote Access) & Telephonic support through our dedicated call centre and LOCAL Executive support in TriCity.
  • Includes almost everything that is required to effectively manage a multi-Speciality Clinic.

    Whats more we can customise and tailor-make MediGen to suit your specific Requirements.


    OPD Registration

    Register Outdoor Patients Allocation of Unique Patient Identification No. Record your patients First Visit/ ReVisit Charges. Track patient history, last visits. Refer to specific consultant department based on broad symptoms. Keep track and accounts of referring Doctors & Referral Units. Patient Registration, Admission, Service Posting, Medicine/ Prescription Integrated with billing, Appointments, Diagnostic and Pharmacy. Integrated SMS facility for sending Client Specific or BULK SMS

    APPOINTMENT Scheduling

    Doctor Appointment & Scheduling Create Appointments on the Fly View available time slots & allocate appointment accordingly. Track appointment arrivals, cancellations etc. View the appointment calendar by the day, week or month. Appointment tracking through Scheduled SMS(s) to the patient Daily SMS can also be sent to the doctor/patient updating him/her of their daily appointment schedules.

    CLINICAL Practice

    Record your patients Vital signs : Pulse, BP, Weight, Resp.Rate, Temperature (+more user definable fields) . Get graphical representation of the Patients Vital Signs over the course of period.

    CLINICAL Notes

    Maintain History of your Clinical Notes : Chief Complain, Observation, Investigations, Diagnostics, Notes. Record Patient allergies, History of present illness, Diagnosis and prescription advised by consultants.

    Prescriptions/ Medication

    You can keep a complete record of the medications that have been advised to your patients. A well laid out Prescription User Interface lets you add medicines , services, procedures offered to your patients. An invoice for this can then be raised against the patients. MediGen gives you the flexibility of inventory stock keeping as well.


    A complete and robust solution for keeping record of the Treatment Plans Offered to your patients. Maintain your Patients Ledgers automatically and also keep record of the Outstanding Amounts due from each patient. SMS facility is available for sending timely gentle reminders to your patients for squaring off their accounts. MedGen can also send daily SMS to the Admin updating them about the daily collections.

    File Keeping

    Patient's Electronic Medical Record Keeping. Keep seamless archive of files of your patients, your drawings, reports,images etc. in a well organized MediGen Library. MediGen has the optional feature of attaching Pen-Tablets.

    Laboratory/ Radiology

    Receive Investigation request /samples from OPD SAMPLE Registration with BAR-Code/ label printing, & Receipt generation. SAMPLE collection & Work sheet generation. Warning & alerts for abnormal values. Patien lables & test Sticker printing. Can be used in Pathology / Investigations / Diagnostics Centre Test results feeding, Test Report printing, Billing, Receipts, etc. Covers Pathology, CT, X Ray, USG, MRI etc. Easily manage different Test/Service Rates for different clients. Maintain Separate discounts for different clients Email Reports in variety of formats PDF, Excel, Word, mailers Integrated SMS facility for informing your clients about their Test Reports, Account Summaries, Receipts etc.

    Reporting & Accounting

    Collection report (user wise, Department wise, Consultant wise). Patients Medical Records & History Timeline Reporting Billing/ Invoice generation Payments/ Receipts Ledgers of Patients, Suppliers, Referral Units