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  • Pilferage Control
  • Petty / Bill / Returnable / Challan Sale
  • Salt Wise Sales
  • Total Flexibility in Sales
  • Expiry / Damage Stock Maintenance
  • Check on Non-moving Stock
  • Purchase Margin Checking
  • ‘Best Deals’ on Purchase
  • Credit Note Adjustment
  • Total Account Solution
  • Generation of Report Required under Taxation

    FUSION gives you the freedom of keeping track of your Daily Sales (Petty/Bills) thereby maintaining an accurate and up to date inventory. Some of the exciting features provided by the Sales Module are:

  • Billing by Batch No. / Item Name / Barcode / Salt.
  • Options for Cash / Credit / Returnable / Petty Sales.
  • Forced Ordering Register maintains a well balanced inventory all the time.
  • Constant reminder for Deleting and Near-Expiry items in Stock.
  • Salt-Wise Item-Wise selection.
  • Option for creating batches at the time of billing to facilitate billing without stock.
  • Ease of maintaining ‘reimbursable customer’.
  • Constant display of ageing of item (Non-Moving Days).
  • Display of Last Date of Sale of the item.
  • Display of Last 5 Purchase Record of the item.
  • Ease of purchasing in a number of ways without interrupting sales transaction.

    Purchase module has been designed in such a manner as to keep of track of all incoming stock. Options available are:

  • Purchase by bill / Challan / Cash.
  • Challan can later on be included in the suppliers bill for verification.
  • Petty Purchase which helps in generating new batch at the time of sale so as to make possible billing without stock.
  • Ease of tracking profit margin and net profit of the item.
  • Display of prevailing schemes available on the item.
  • Adjustment of pending debit notes.
  • Efficiently handles purchase / adjustment of non-moving items as well.

    Breakage / Expiry has always been a major hassle when it comes to sale of medicines. Due to the fact that new products are being launched day by day and the amount of stock that piles up in the shelf it becomes a pain- stacking job to handle spoilage / expiry of such items. Some of the features are:

    1. Separate register for: Expired Stock, Spoilage / Force Returning. Non-moving Stock, Pendency of returned items.
    2. Advance indication of expiry for any given month. (Company-wise, Item-wise).
    3. Detailed report: Company / Vendor-wise for non-movement of inventory.(Quantity & Value –Wise).


    Comprehensive reporting has been included in FUSION so as to provide information on all aspects of inventory or billing.

    Some of the Reports are:

  • Company / Vendor wise stock listing with total stock value.
  • Stock below Minimum / over Maximum Level.
  • Debtors / Creditors Ledger.
  • Day-End / Monthly-Sales / Petty Sales / Credit / Cancelled Bill Reports.,
  • Query on Debit-Note Adjustment / Pending Debit Notes.
  • Total Closing / Opening Stock for any day with Quantity, Batches, MRP.
  • Item movement analysis report.
  • Complete inventory non-movement analysis.
  • Stock ageing comparative.
  • All reports on Sale / Purchase required under VAT.

    Multiple users can be defined with the following rights / restrictions:

  • Giving discounts in sales.
  • Accepting Receipts / Returns.
  • Allowing to make Credit / Returnable Sales.
  • Controlling all types of purchase.
  • Carrying out modifications/ Editing of any nature.
  • Whether or not he can accept returns.
  • Allowing him to Convert Cash Sale to Credit and vice-versa.
  • Selectively Viewing Reports.
  • Allowing him view reports of the current transaction day only.